oh the garden joys: experience the peace and wonders of gardening

There are so many garden joys. Butterflies that delight our senses and birds to feed. The joy of beautiful flowers enhancing our yards.

The peace of knowing we can provide food for our family. Our garden plants provide delicious fruits and vegetables for the dinner table.

  • The joys of gardening are well worth the dirt on our hands!

butterflies are amazing garden joys

Who doesn't love butterflies? They lift our spirits and ignite our imaginations.

  • What wondrous creatures they are!

Monarch Butterflies migrate thousands of miles each year. How these delicate little creatures can make it through the wind and storms, amazes me.

What kind of butterflies do you have coming to your yard?

Butterflies are one of the wonderful garden joysButterflies are wonderful garden joys!

The butterfly's garden joy is the butterfly bush. (in the photo above) It is a hardy perennial that grows in many different climates. In the cold areas it will freeze to the ground, but faithfully comes back in the spring.

It generally grows to three or four feet tall. There are small varieties available that only get about a foot tall. So you can fit the butterfly bush in your landscape just about anywhere.

Most butterflies drink nectar for nourishment. So it pays to plant plenty of nectar flowers to attract the butterflies. There are a couple of dozen flowers for the butterflies that are easy and reliable to grow.

The butterflies especially like daisies. They like to land and sit down while they are sipping nectar. Daisies are one of my favorite garden joys.

Plant some daisy flowers in your garden.

enjoy your butterflies

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  • Flowers for Butterflies

    Butterflies eat flower nectar. So plant some flowers for butterflies to provide butterfly food. Butterfly weed and butterfly bush are favorite butterfly flowers.


Hummingbirds are voracious feeders. It's fun to put out feeders for these hungry little critters.

Nectar flowers are one of the hummingbird's garden joys. They feed from some of the same flowers as the butterflies.

But their favorite flowers are full of nectar deep down in the flowers where the butterflies can't reach.

The hummer's long tongues reach down in the flowers and they lap up the nectar.

  • Yep, hummers have tongues. Amazing, huh?

Hummingbird flowers and feeders are the best ways to attract hummingbird to your yard.

Rufous HummingbirdRufous Hummingbird
Image by BlenderTimer from Pixabay

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flowers -the favorite of all garden joys

These are my favorites. Oh my, how I enjoy flowers! That probably is one reason I studied and taught horticulture.

  • The love of flowers

Easy flowers are my cup of tea. I don't fuss with flowers that are difficult to grow. Many of today's popular flowers are very easy to grow.

Shasta DaisiesShasta Daisies

Daisies are my favorite flowers. They have been my favorite ever since childhood, any type of daisy flowers. The butterflies and I both favor daisy flowers.

Our grandmothers had their favorite flowers, too. They chose garden flowers they could depend on to perform under all conditions.

plant some flowers

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roses - America's favorite flower

Roses bring joy to many gardens. I am partial to roses, too. My favorites are the hybrid tea roses.

  • There are modern types of roses that would be good for your yard.

Modern roses are easy to grow and take care for.Double Delight Rose

The popular Knockout roses are so easy to take care of. They bloom all summer long. You don't have to deadhead their flowers.

  • Basically you just plant and water them. Then you get to enjoy their colorful flowers all summer.

Do you know how to plant a rose and take care of your roses?

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orchids - more garden joys

  • Orchids are wonderful, too.

Over the years I tried a couple of orchids without success. Then when I started teaching horticulture, there were orchids in the greenhouse. Out of necessity, they had to be cared for.

Cattleya orchids in my brother's greenhouseGorgeous Cattleyas
Photo in my brother's greenhouse

Orchids became my passion. My private collection grew to greenhouse size and they won ribbons at the shows. 

Now, my joy is growing Phalaenopsis orchids. (Phals) Their flowers bring beauty to the house for months.

  • Phals are just as easy to take care of as any houseplant.

you can grow orchids

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Let's face it - flowers are wonderful!

fruit are delicious garden joys

You can enjoy growing fruit in any size yard, large or small.

grapes and blueberries

You can enjoy growing grapes in a modest size yard. If your neighbors want to share, you could grow them on the fence.

Blueberry plants are attractive plants that can be used in the landscape as a hedge. Small blueberry plants can be grown in containers. It's such a joy to go outside and snack on fruit out of your own yard.

Oh my, and one of my favorites are figs. The Chicago Fig grows down to -10 degrees. Mine is thriving in a container. It produced a bumper crop last summer, what garden joys!

Fig trees in container can be maintained at about six feet tall. Then it's easy to reach the fruit.


Strawberries grow well in containers, too. The ever-bearing types produce all summer.

There are a couple of tubs of strawberries in my backyard. One of my garden joys is to nibble on fresh strawberries.

While I was grazing on the strawberries, my dog would help herself to the ripe ones hanging over the side of the container.

Dogs like fruit, too.

Strawberries will grow in almost all areas of the United States.

Strawberry info

Strawberries are easy to grow
Image by likesilkto from Pixabay

oh the joys of gardening!

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We can't have a garden without some veggies. Vegetables are easy to grow and they are great for the dinner table.

What a joy it is to grow vegetables in your backyard!What a joy it is to grow vegetables in your backyard!
Image by Anestiev from Pixabay

Raised beds were all the rage a few years ago. Now I have graduated to container grown vegetables. Containers make gardening easy for seniors!

You can enjoy growing green beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and all of the keto friendly vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are very healthy and simple to grow in your backyard garden.

  • Growing vegetables and sharing them with friends and family is one of the best garden joys.

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there are so many garden joys - come share with me!

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