3 best ways to attract backyard birds: birds will be happy coming to your yard

Feeding the wild birds will attract backyard birds. But water for the birds attracts more bird species.

Provide bird houses or nesting sites and you will have more of God's beautiful birds coming to your backyard.

water is the #1  way to attract backyard birds

All birds have to drink water.

Water is the #1 way to attract backyard birdsBirds love water

Feeding the birds is fun, but I see a greater variety of birds at our bird bath, than I see at the feeders.

Birds come to water, even if they don't eat from feeders. Not all birds will eat from our bird feeders.

Water will attract birds more different species of backyard birds.

Provide perches near the water

The birds like to sit and think about it before they go for a drink or to take a bath.

Birds like shallow water for drinking and bathing.

Water, plus feeding will attract backyard birds all during the year.

Do not chlorinate your bird water!

#2 put out backyard bird feeders

Feeding birds is the next best way of attracting birds to your backyard.

The birds don't care if the feeders are simple or fancy. They are just looking for the food.

We normally fill our bird feeders with bird seed. But here are other types of food for your backyard bird feeders.

Photo of a Red-bellied WoodpeckerRed-bellied Woodpecker
Image by Scottslm from Pixabay

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are great for attracting birds.

Cardinals, Chickadees and Tufted Titmice and even Red-bellied Woodpeckers come for sunflower seeds.

Tufted Titmice and Chickadees take one seed, go to a perch and beat it open, eat it and then come for another seed.

I have seen Cardinals hanging over the side of Sunflower's head to pull out seeds.

Gold Finches eat the seeds of Coneflowers. So plant the birds some Daisy Flowers.

Black Thistle Seeds

Gold Finches Eating Black ThistleGold Finches Eating Black Thistle

We had so many finches that come to Florida during the winter, we didn't have to wonder how to attract birds?

Instead we wondered how to feed all the birds? We put out black thistle seeds in a separate bird feeder.

There are special bird feeders for black thistle seed. They normally are plastic tubes with small openings for the birds to eat the seeds.

My brother made a black thistle seed feeder out of florescent light plastic cover with colored perches in it. It was eight feet long and there was plenty of seed for feeding the wild birds.

You can also use a thistle sock feeder like in the photo.


Hairy Woodpecker eating suetSuet is good wintertime bird food

Want to know how to have backyard birds in the winter?

People who live up north give the birds extra fat in their food to keep them warm during the cold weather.

Be sure and protect suet for the birds, so the larger backyard critters don't eat it all gone.

This Hairy Woodpecker is getting his share.

Birds will eat Suet all year round. So it’s great for attracting the birds during the summer, also.


Plants that make berries or produce an abundance of seeds are great for attracting birds.

Waxwings, Catbirds, and Mockingbirds are especially fond of berries, even Robins eat berries.

Raccoons like berries, also.

how to attract hummingbirds

#3 provide birdhouses and nesting sites

Bird houses, nest boxes and nesting sites attract birds that nest in your area.

Female Wood Duck on top of her nest-boxFemale Wood Duck on her nest-box

We love watching the bluebirds that come to our nest boxes every summer. They raise two sets of babies each summer.

The first set of babies help the parents raise the second set of babies.

Late winter or in the spring before they start building a new nest. Be sure and clean out the bird houses to help keep down the parasites.

Bluebird and Wood Duck populations have both increased because people have provided nest boxes for them.

It's fun knowing how to attract birds.

provide nesting sites

Plant a nice variety of trees, shrubs and plants to provide nesting sites for the birds.

Provide nesting sites for your birdsEgret on nest

They provide, cover, food and nesting areas for the wildlife in your backyard.

Research what native trees and shrubs grow well in your area. Your local agricultural extension service or local plant nurseries will have good ideas.

Give them a variety to choose from. Then the birds and wildlife will come to your yard.

More bird info---

enjoy your backyard birds

Work with these three ways to attract birds to your backyard.

Water is most important, then backyard bird feeders for feeding the wild birds and then nest boxes or nesting sites.

These three things will attract different types of birds and wildlife, so you get a nice variety of God's gifts coming to your backyard.

Try a night-light too and see what critters show up at night time.

water is the best way to attract backyard birds

Bluebirds don't go to our feeders, but they certainly use our bird bath. As soon as the baby Bluebirds fledge, they all come to the bird bath.

A painting of a Bluebird at our birdbath.

Birds are wonderful addition to your backyard!

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