the joys of gardening with carol may

Hi, I am Carol May and gardening is one of my great joys. Now in retirement, there is plenty of time for the garden and enjoying nature.

Flowers are one of my greatest pleasures.

That's one reason I studied Landscape Horticulture at the University of California for a BS degree.

For several years, I taught horticulture in California.

One time I remember my husband sticking his head out the door saying, "It's getting dark, are you coming in soon?"

  • Puttering around in the garden is my joy and relaxation.

Now after retirement, there is more time to enjoy my passions of gardening and painting. God is so good!

It's my pleasure to help you with your gardening adventures.

 not double o07

Nope, I'm not double O seven, just double seven this year. Retirement is great with plenty of time to spend on hobbies and with the family. Much of my time is spent outside in the garden.

All my life I have loved nature and the out-of-doors with the gentle peace and beauty found there.

  • When a butterfly floats by, the birds are singing or the fragrance of flowers is wafting on the breeze, I enjoy the peace and wonders of nature.

What kind of butterfly is that? What flowers do they like? When the birds are singing, it fill my heart with joy. How can I invite more birds and butterflies to my yard?

  • Even digging in the dirt or pulling weeds, there is the pleasure of the fresh air and sunshine.

When I plant a little seed or seedling and tend it to maturity, there is anticipation. There is the joy of anticipating the beautiful flowers, the delicious fruit or the vegetables for the dinner table.

  • It's my pleasure to share the joys of gardening with you. Sharing what the years have taught me.

It's that time in life to pass it on.

who is carol may?

In addition to gardening I enjoy painting all the wonderful things in nature, birds, butterflies, flowers and landscapes.

Years ago when I first started painting, my mother suggested signing my paintings with my first and middle name, just in case my last name ever changed.

Well my last name hasn't changed, but I still sign my paintings as Carol May.

But actually, I just go by Carol.

Monarch on Daisies art by Carol MayMonarch on Daisies

all you gardening friends, please just call me Carol.

you may want to visit my painting website.

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