how to care for roses: everything you need to know about these gorgeous flowers

How to care for roses is easy with just a few simple guidelines.

Select the rose types you like, plant them in an area with good sunlight and drainage. Water and fertilize them regularly, prune and use pest control as needed.

  • You will have America's favorite flower flourishing in your garden!
How to care for roses in your gardenCaring For Roses Is Very Rewarding

how to care for roses

Roses have been cultivated for hundreds of years. There are numerous old and modern varieties to choose from.

You will find different types of roses in your local garden centers. The star of modern roses is the carefree Knockout Rose.

Select your rose types depending on how you intend to use them in the landscape.

After your roses have been planted, caring for your roses involves just water, fertilizer, pruning and possibly pest control.

Then you get to sit back and enjoy your beautiful garden roses.

do roses need full sun?

Roses need full sun for best growth and flowering.Roses Need Full Sun
  • Roses need at least 5-6 hours of sunlight for strong growth and good flowering.

Selecting the correct location is one of the most important aspects of how to care for roses.

The most common reason roses don't flower well is because they don't have enough sunlight.

  • The area should also have good air circulation to help prevent leaf diseases.
  • Your rose location should have well drained soil.

If the soil does not have good drainage, add organic matter to the soil. If you have sandy soil that doesn't hold water because it drains too fast, add organic matter.

If you are lucky enough to have perfect soil, add organic matter. Your roses will love you for it.

what is the best time to plant roses?

Early spring is the preferred time to plant rose. Wait until after the last frost and then get your roses planted.

How to Plant a Rose

how often to water roses?

How to care for roses includes regular watering. Once your roses are established they are very drought tolerant.

  • Check them about once a week to see if the soil is dry. When you do water, water deeply with about 1" of water.

Apply the water at the base of the plant. That allows all of the water to soak into the soil. This is how to grow roses with fewer leaf diseases.

  • If you do water by sprinklers, do the sprinkling in the morning.

The leaves need to dry off before night. Because wet leaves at night encourage leaf diseases.

Fertilizing Roses

Fertilizer is great for growing roses.Fertilizing Makes Bigger Flowers
  • If your roses flower all summer fertilize them about three times during the growing season.

Fertilize the last time around Labor Day to give the new growth time to harden off before winter.

  • Roses that bloom once a year are fertilized once a year, early in their growing season.

Apply the fertilizer at the leaf drip-line. The feeder roots that pick up water and nutrients are out at the drip-line.

Use a rose food or a fertilizer such as a 5-10-5. This is how to care for roses.

simple Pest Control

Systemic pesticides have simplified rose bush care.

  • If you have a pest problem with either bugs or leaf diseases, get a rose food that has a systemic pesticide and fungicide included with the fertilizer.

The systemic pesticide is taken up into the plant through the roots. It then works from the inside of the plant out to control the pests and diseases.

This greatly simplifies how to care for roses. It eliminates the necessity of spraying the top of the plant.

  • Follow the directions on the pesticide container.

pruning roses

Pruning rose bushes controls the shape, size and health of the rose plant. When you know how to prune roses you will get larger blooms and healthy new growth.

Deadheading roses is a simple pruning done throughout the flowering season.

After the rose flowers are past their peak appearance and are withering, it is time to deadhead the spent flowers.

Deadheading promotes more new flowers.

how to deadhead roses

How to deadhead rosesCut Above a Five Leaflet
  • Cut just above a five-leaflet leaf.

Don't cut to a three-leaflet or the resulting growth will be weak and spindly. 

  • Prune to an outward facing bud, so the new growth will go outward instead towards the interior of the bush. 
  • Cut about a 1/4" above the leaf axial.

Cutting too close to the leaf axial will injure the new bud.

If you leave too much stem above the axial, there is a chance the cane will die back.

The flower in the photo is not actually ready to be trimmed off, yet. But it makes a nice picture.

Only deadhead the spent blossoms. This is how to care for roses.

when to prune roses

  • Pruning is best done in the early spring when the buds are swollen, but not leafed out.

Cut off all broken, diseased and crossing canes.

Normally 1/3 to 1/2 half of their height is removed to keep them a manageable size.

Prune to outward facing buds. 

Prune to three to seven strong, evenly spaced canes that will allow plenty of light and air into the center of the plant.

How many kinds of roses are there?


how to prune roses

Roses are so rewarding when you know how to care for them.Enjoy Your Roses!

Shrub roses are pruned to keep them in their allotted space, full and natural looking. Normally reduce their height by about half each spring.

Knock Out roses are pruned in the spring before they leaf out, cut back about one third to keep them at a nice manageable size of 3 to 4 feet.

Knockout roses do not require deadheading spent flowers. This greatly simplifies how to grow roses.

Miniature roses are pruned to about half their height. Leave about six canes, while shaping the plant during the spring pruning.

Climbing roses are pruned after they have bloomed. Many bloom on last year's growth. If they are pruned first thing in the spring their flower buds would be cut off.


growing roses is so rewarding

When you know how to care for roses, you can have beautiful roses every year.

You can grow any type of roses, they are all worth it!

enjoy your beautiful garden roses!

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