How to Grow Daisies: site preparation, choosing plants, planting and care

Daisies are delightful! Who wouldn't want to know how to grow daisies?

Daisies are happy flowers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Any size or color of daisies will just make us smile.

Most daisies are perennial flowers. That means we just have to plant them once and then we get to enjoy their flowers for many years.

How to grow daisies, the happy flowerGrowing Daisies Makes You Smile
Image by AnnaER from Pixabay

how to grow daisies

  • Select a site for your daisies that gets six hours of sun each day. The site should have good draining soil.

Daisies will grow in less sunlight, but they will not have as many flowers. Sunlight is how to grow daisies well.

  • It is such a joy growing daisies in your yard. Here are a few tips on selecting plants, how to plant and how to grow daisies.

Select flowers for your climate.

Daisies planted from seed will grow foliage the first year and start blooming the second year.

Purchase plants in containers. Give them water and fertilizer and you will soon have daisy flowers blooming in your garden.

how to select plants

  • Don't buy a root-bound or pot-bound plant.

Indications of a root-bound plant are roots hanging out of the bottom of the pot or roots bulging above the soil.

A root-bound plant will have roots going around and around in the pot.

If you plant the daisy that way the roots will continue to grow around and around in the ground. They won't straighten themselves out.

The plant will not grow and flourish to its full potential. They may eventually strangle themselves.

  • Look for a healthy plant without any yellow or brown leaves. The container soil should have a pleasant odor.

If the soil smell musty, look for another plant. It has been in that pot too long or has been over-watered.

Many garden center worker will be happy to help you select good plants and coach you on how to grow daisies. Get a friend or family member to go plant shopping with you. It's fun!

There are a variety of daisies to choose.

Colorful Gazania daisy flowersWhen you know how to grow daisies, you can grow any flowers.

preparing the soil

  • The best way to prepare soil for your daisy flowers is to add organic matter before you plant.

Add organic matter, no matter whether you have clay, sand or a good garden loam.

When you are planting a large flower bed, cultivate the organic matter and fertilizer into the entire area.

If you are planting individual daisy plants, prepare the soil by mixing the organic matter into the planting hole while you are planting.

When planting daisies in containers, use a good potting mix that both drains well and will retain moisture. There are many excellent potting mixes available.

how to plant your daisies

  • Dig the hole first before taking the plant out of its container.

Dig the sides of the hole straight up and down vertically and wider than the container.

Mix organic matter with the soil taken out of the hole

If you are planting medium or large plants, put fertilizer in the bottom of the hole and cover it with a little bit of soil. The roots will grow to the fertilizer.

Small plants may be fertilized after planting.

  • Remove the plant from the container.

Pull off the matted roots that may be bunched at the bottom of 3" to 4"pots. Gently straighten out large roots that are going around the outside of the root ball of plants from larger containers.

Or you can make two or three vertical cuts down the outside of the root ball. Cut only deep enough to sever the encircling roots. Then the new roots will be free to grow out into the surrounding soil.

Planting flowersPlanting Your New Flowers
  • Plant the your new plants at the same depth they were in the containers.

Put the plant into the hole and fill with your amended soil. Firm the soil to make good contact between the roots and the soil.

Small plants are watered after they are planted.

Set large plants into the hole and fill it half way with the amended soil. Then fill the hole with water and let the water soak away. Finish filling the hole with soil, firm it and water again.

how to water

  • Do not water your daisy plants every day.

New plants should be watered thoroughly about two to three times a week, depending on your climate.

Leave time between watering to encourage the roots to grow deeper searching for water. This results in a stronger root system and beautiful daisy flowers.

Daily watering encourages the roots to stay close to the surface. The plants will only grow surface roots. Then they will require daily watering and if you miss a few days, they are in trouble. This is not how to grow daisies.

  • Morning is the best time to water plants.

Apply the water onto the soil around the base of the plant. Water on the leaves encourages leaf diseases, especially at night time.

what about fertilizer?

  • Fertilize your daisy flowers several times during the growing season.

No fertilizer is needed during the winter. Slack off fertilizing around Labor Day. Then the new growth will harden off before freezing weather.

When caring for plants never fertilize a dry plant. It will burn the plant. If the plant is dry, water it one day and fertilize the following day.

  • Water after your fertilizer application.

what is fertilizer?

Fertilizer is basically nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and sometimes additional nutrients.

Most landscape plants use a balanced fertilizer like a 6-6-6.

what do the fertilizer numbers mean?

  • Nitrogen feeds the leaves. Use a high first number (nitrogen) for beautiful green lawn.
  • Phosphorus feeds the roots, flowers and fruit. Use a higher middle number for flowers.

  • Potassium is used for other plant processes.

butterflies love daisy flowers

Butterflies are unable to hover and eat like hummingbirds do. They need a landing pad to sit down and eat.

They especially like daisies. They provide a good landing pad and plenty of food.

When the butterfly lands there are many nectar receptacles for it to feed from. The butterflies will just love you when you know how to grow daisies.

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers, but I also favor Roses and Orchids.

Let's face it, I just love flowers. They are all great!

growing daisies is such a joy!

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