when you know how to plant a rose, you can create a beautiful rose garden

All about how to plant a rose. Whether you are planting a rose from a container or planting bare root roses, the steps are much the same.

When should you plant roses, where should you plant your roses and what kind of soil do roses like?

How to plant a rose in your gardenPlant some gorgeous roses

do roses need sun?

Selecting the correct location for your roses is one of the most important aspects of how to grow roses.

  • Yes, roses need at least 5-6 hours of sunlight for strong growth and good flowering. Roses will delight in 8 hours of sun.

The most common reason roses don't flower and grow well is because they don't have enough sunlight.

There are some roses that will grow in shady locations, but not many. Don't try planting a rose in the shade, unless it is specially bred and labeled as a shade rose.

  • The planting area should have good air circulation to help prevent leaf diseases.

If you are planting roses into a shrub bed against a building, plant them far enough away from the building for good air circulation.

what is the best soil for a rose?

  • Roses need well drained soil.

Suppose you have heavy soil that does not drain well? If it is a specific area in your yard that collects water and/or does not drain well, don't plant there. Find another location.

How to plant a rose in heavy soil - mix organic matter into the plant hole.

How do you plant a rose in sandy soil that drains so fast it does not retain adequate moisture - add organic matter.

what is the best time to plant roses?

  • Spring is the best time to plant roses.
Correct planting makes happy roses.Happy garden roses

Wait until after the last frost and then plant your roses. That's how to plant a rose.

Roses planted from a container may be planted all the way up into May. But they need to get a good start before the heat of the summer.

Bare root roses should be planted as soon as you can comfortably work the soil, maybe February or March. They take longer to establish, so it is not be safe to plant them in the late spring.

It depends on what plant zone you live in.

Roses may also be planted in the fall six weeks before the first frost. That gives them time to establish before cold weather.

how to plant a rose from a container

Planting a rose from a containerPurchase healthy roses

Before planting roses make sure they are well watered in the container.

  • Dig the hole before you take the rose out of the container.

It's not a good idea to expose the roots to the air any longer than necessary.

  • Dig the hole about twice as wide as the size of the container and about the depth of the container. Dig the sides of the hole straight up and down.

Make the hole the same width at the bottom as it is at the top. A good hole is necessary for growing roses.

  • Amend the soil you will be putting back into the hole with organic matter.

Organic matter not only provides nutrition, but it loosens the soil and gives the roots room to breathe and get the oxygen and moisture they need.

  • You may put a bit of time released fertilizer into the bottom of the hole. Cover the fertilizer with a little soil, so the roots don't contact the fertilizer directly. The roots will get the fertilizer when they grow to it.

how to plant a rose

After the hole is dug and prepared with the amended soil, then take the rose out of the container.

If the small fine feeder roots are exposed to the air for any length of time, they will dry up and die.

Plant the rose the same level it was before.Plant a rose the same level it was before
  • If you see roots going around the bottom of the container, gently straighten them out.
  • Set your new rose plant into the hole at the same depth it was in the container.

  • Fill around the rose about half way up with the amended soil. Then fill the hole to the top with water. Let the water soak away and water it again.

  • Now, fill the planting hole with soil and firm the soil down with your hands. Water the rose again.

Apply some mulch around the rose to help control weeds and maintain moisture. This is how to plant a rose.

Planting bare root roses

How to plant a bare root roseTrim off any broken roots

Put the bare root rose into some room temperature water for about an hour to make sure it is well hydrated.

Trim off any broken or dead roots.

  • Dig the planting hole the same as for a container rose.
  • Make a mound in the bottom of the planting hole. Set the rose into the hole and spread the roots down over the mound of soil.

  • Put amended soil about half way up in the hole and water the plant thoroughly.
  • Fill the hole the rest of the way up to the level the rose was planted before. Firm the soil down with your hands. Water again and apply mulch.
  • Do not fertilize the bare root plant until you see good growth on the rose. Then apply fertilizer and water it in.

Learning how to plant a rose is easy.  Thoughtful planting will give your roses a good start to a long, healthy life.

Roses live for many, many years. Your grandchildren can enjoy the fruits of your gardening skills.

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