a garden with hummingbird flowers will bring joy to your garden!

Hummingbird flowers can be anything from columbines to cactus.

You may grow fuchsias in San Francisco, hibiscus in Miami or cactus in the Southwest. They all attract hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Flowers attract the hummingbirdsHummingbirds love the flowers

what do hummingbirds like


Hummingbirds enjoy flying through spray on our birdbath.

Providing a fine mist or dripping water will also attract hummingbirds.

Water is the number one way of Attracting Birds.


Hummingbirds spend about eighty percent of their time perching.

They prefer high perches, so they can look down on their feeders and hummingbird flowers.

more interesting facts about hummingbirds

flowers for hummingbirds

  • Tubular flowers are popular with the hummingbirds because they hold lots of nectar. The main requirement of hummingbird flowers is plenty of nectar.

Find out what hummingbird plants grow well in your area. Visit local nurseries, ask your neighbors and your local Audubon Society what flowers are popular in your area. 

Hummingbirds are attracted to redRed Hot Poker

Hummingbirds are attracted by red colors, like this Red Hot Poker.

  • Start by planting some red hummingbird flowers to attract hummers.

But hummingbirds also feed from other flower colors, orange, pink, purple, lavender, yellow or white.

They like them all, but the flowers must have enough nectar for the hummingbirds to eat in order to keep them coming back.

If there are not enough flowers for the hummers, put out a hummingbird feeder.

Hummingbirds will feed from any flowers that have nectarBlue Dutch Iris.

The flowers don't have to be red for the hummers to come and eat.

This hummingbird is feeding from a Blue Dutch Iris.

Provide a variety of flowers for hummingbirds, so they will have flower nectar throughout the season.

I hope you enjoy the flower and hummingbird images on this page.

Flowers and hummingbirds both bring joy to the garden.

great hummingbird flowers

Bee Balm

Bee Balm is a good flower for hummingbirdsBee Balm

Bee Balm or Horsemint, Monarda is a perennial with clusters of scarlet, tubular flowers.

It is summer blooming and grows 2-4 feet tall. 

They are not long lived where winters are warm and summers are long and hot.

They needs lots of water.

Butterfly Bush

Hummingbirds like Butterfly BushButterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii is a deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub. It is fast growing to 3 to 10 feet.

It has 6 to 12 inch spikes of small fragrant flowers in mid-summer thru fall.

The flowers may be white, pink, lilac, purple with an orange center.

It freezes to the ground in the winter and grows from roots in the spring.

Chinese Hibiscus

Hummingbird at Chinese HibiscusChinese Hibiscus

Chinese Hibiscus, Malvaceae rosa-sinensis is an evergreen shrub in warm areas. It may be grown as a house plant or as an annual in colder areas.

The flowers are 4-8 inches wide in white, pink, apricot, red or orange.

It blooms in the summer until frost.

It requires good drainage and considerable sun and heat to do well.

Protect it from temperatures below 30 degrees.

Cigar Plant

Cigar Plants attract hummingbirdsCigar Plant

Cigar Plant of Firecracker Plant, Cuphea ignea is a perennial in warm areas. 

It flowers with inch long tubular flowers that are bright red or reddish orange with a white tip.

It flowers summer to fall.

It prefers sun or part shade, ordinary soil and grows about 1 foot tall.

This a popular hummingbird flower in south Florida.


Columbine, Aquilegia is a perennial. It flowers in the spring and early summer.

The flowers may be up to 3 inches with long spurs in various soft colors.

It grows from 2 inches to 4 feet.

It prefers filtered sunlight.

Replace the plants about every three years.

Native plants for birds


Hummingbirds are fond of FuchsiasFuchsias

Fuchsias, Fuchsia hybrida normally are a summer annual. In temperate areas the landscape fuchsia is a perennial.

They are best grown in cool summer temperatures and partial shade.

They have showy pink to purplish flowers many times with white, from early summer until first frost.

They need plenty of moisture. The trailing types are commonly grown in baskets.

Fuchsias are probably the best known flowers for hummingbirds.


Hummingbirds like the garden geranium flowersGeranium

Geranium, Pelargonium is an evergreen perennial. They may grow up to 3'.

They flower spring to summer with 2" flowers in loose clusters, red, pink, orange, lavender, purple, even white.

They like sun in cooler climates and partial shade in very hot climates.

They prefer good draining soil. They may be grown in the ground or in pots.


Honeysuckle attracts hummingbirdsHoneysuckle

Honeysuckle, Lonicera may be evergreen or deciduous shrubs or vines.

The have tubular flowers in white, coral or red with abundant nectar during the summer.

It is easy to grow in sun to light shade. It takes average summer water.

It has a very pleasing fragrance and sweet nectar.

Honeysuckle is not fussy. It is an easy flower to grow.


Lantana is a favorite flower for both hummingbirds and butterfliesLantana

Lantana, Lantana is a perennial in warm areas or an annual in cooler areas.

It grows 1-3 feet and flowers all summer until frost with white, yellow, orange, pinks, red or lavender flowers. The orange and lavender ones overwinter in mild climates.

Lantana is one of my favorite flowers for wildlife. It is visited by both butterflies and hummingbirds.

It is drought tolerant and there is no need to dead head the flowers.


Mandevilla for hummingbirdsMandevilla

Mandevilla, Mandevilla splendens, M. amabilis are evergreen vines growing to 20-30 feet in subtropical areas.

They have clusters of 2-4 inch white, pink or red tubular flowers from April to November.

In moderate climates they may be grown in pots outdoors during the summer.

Buy Mandevilla already blooming for ready-made hummingbird flowers.

Their tubular flowers hold lots of nectar for the hummingbirds.


Hummers like PenstemonPenstemon

Penstemon, Penstemon species are perennial, evergreen shrubs with long blooming flowers. The plants range in size from 1 to 10 feet, depending on the species.

They have tubular flowers in various colors from red to blue and purple, white to yellow and other soft colors.

These are Native American plants but, the cultivated species do better in backyards.

They do best in sun and require good drainage, do not over water.


Pentas for hummingbirdsPentas

Pentas, Pentas lanceolata are a perennial treated as an annual.

They grow 1 to 3 feet. They require sun and good watering.

They have clusters of small star-shaped flowers in red, pink, lilac or white.

Deadhead the spent flowers to encourage more flowers.

Pentas are good hummingbird flowers and Butterfly Flowers.


petunias are good for hummingbirdsPetunia

Petunia, Petunia hybrids are perennials used as an annual. The plants are from 1 to 2 feet tall.

They have fragrant flowers in a wide range of colors from white to pinks, reds, yellows, lavender, purple and bi-colors.

They flower all summer. They prefer sun and regular watering.

Grow them in your flower beds or they are good in hanging baskets.


Phlox for hummingbirdsPhlox

Phlox, Phlox species are native to North America. They may be annuals or perennials of various forms and sizes.

They have showy flowers in white, pinks, rose, red, shades of lavenders and blue.

They bloom in the spring or summer depending on the type.

They like sun, average soil and water.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon and hummingbirdRose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus is a hibiscus type of flower that may be grown in colder temperatures. It is a deciduous shrub that grows to 10 to 12'.

The flowers are single or double in white, pinks, lavender, some have a dark crimson center.

They bloom during the summer. It is tough and they are easy to grow in the sun or part shade.

They are drought tolerant once established.


Sage attracts hummingbirdsSage

Sage, Salvia can be annuals, biennials or perennials. They range in size from 1 foot border plants up to 6 foot shrubs.

They have tubular flowers in white, pink, lavender, scarlet or blue.

The flowers are one half to two inches in whorls around the stem depending on species.

They bloom summer to fall. They are a dependable hummingbird flower.

They require average care and they are also deer resistant.

Trumpet Creeper Vine

Hummingbirds love Trumpet Creeper VineTrumpet Creeper Vine

Trumpet Creeper Vine, Campsis radicans is a deciduous, fast growing vine to 40 feet. It may trained as a shrub.

It is native in parts of United States. It is known as the Hummingbird Vine.

It has clusters of trumpet shaped 3 inch tubular flowers that are orange-red or yellow.

It is easy to grow, but be sure you want it before you plant it.

Caution, it does creep and it may move into areas where you don't want it.


Hummingbird feeding from a Zinnia flowerZinnia

Zinnias, Zinnia are annuals. They have single or double daisy type flowers.

They come in a variety of colors; pinks, yellows, salmon, white and bi-color flowers. 

Double flowers have more than one row of petals. Single flowers just have one row or layer of petals.

Zinnias also make good cut flowers. They are very easy to grow and may be started from seed.

They provide lots of food for the hummers.

Zinnias are easy flowers to grow.

Start Simple

Start with a planter or a hanging basket with flowers for hummingbirds. Baskets are great for apartment living.

When you start seeing God’s living jewels coming in flitting from flower to flower, you will want to add more hummingbird flowers to your garden.

The flowers don't have to be red. They just need to have enough nectar to feed the hummingbirds.

Plant Care

Plant and water your hummingbird flowers and remove the spent flowers to encourage more flowers.

You may want to hang up a hummingbird feeder. Hummers have voracious appetites.

When the hummingbirds find a good spot, they will return year after year.

How delightful – what joy the hummingbirds bring!

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