24 easy to grow, popular flowers will make you the envy of the neighborhood

Plant these popular flowers and you will soon be enjoying blooming flowers.

You can have flowers anywhere you live from the desert to the seashore.

Enjoy their beauty and fragrance in your garden. Growing flowers is easy.

Enjoy 24 popular flowers that are easy to grow.The Fragrance of Peonies

Select annual flowers you plant and enjoy for the warm weather.

Perennial flowers that you plant once and enjoy them year after year.

The ultimate are bulbs and tubers that you plant once and in the future, your grandchildren will still be enjoying them.

Annuals are the ultimate popular flower

Annuals grow and bloom in one season. They need to be planted each year.

Most annual flowers bloom all summer long in a blaze of color until the frost kills them off.

If you don't like growing flowers from seed, annual plants are readily available from local garden supply stores. Many times they already have blooming flowers.


Cosmos are easy to growCosmos

Cosmos even though they are delicate looking, they are a resilient, easy blooming flower.

Their flowers are white, pinks to crimson and they may be single or double. They have fine, bright green leaves.

They are drought tolerant once established.  And they are very easy, popular flowers to grow.


Butterflies like MarigoldMarigolds

Marigold flowers are double and come in golden yellows to oranges and bi-colors. Marigolds are very easy to grow from seed.

I particularly like the French Marigolds. They are normally single flowers in bi-colors, yellow or orange with mahogany.

Plant Marigolds next to your tomatoes because they repel nematodes.


Zinnias are easy to grow from seedsZinnias

Zinnias come in a variety of colors; pinks, yellows, salmon and white, both single (one row of petals) and double flowers (two rows of petals).

Zinnias are a snap to grow. They also make good cut flowers.

Zinnias are Hummingbird Flowers, as well as butterfly flowers.


Perennials are an easy flower because they live longer than one year. You plant them once and then you have flowers year after year. That's why they are popular flowers with the home owners.

Some perennial flowers are treated as annuals. They are available in the garden stores already flowering, so you can select the colors and have instant blooming flowers.


Asters are a popular fall blooming flowerAsters

Aster flowers come in shades of lavender, purple, blue, pink, cream or white.

Depending on the species they may vary in size from 1 to 5 feet.

They generally are fall blooming, but there are spring and summer blooming asters, also.

They prefer full sun. They are not particular about soil and water, but they flower more with regular water and enriched soil.


Chrysanthemums are gorgeousChrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums (Mums) are a great perennial.

They are fall blooming and range from white, pinks, yellows, reds and rusts.

Pinch the mums back when they are growing to make them branch and have more flowers.

They are a drought tolerant popular flower.

They do require good drainage.

  • Daisy Flowers have been one of my favorite flowers ever since childhood. I think it is their simple beauty that I like.


Coneflowers are native on the prairie lands of the United StatesConeflowers

Coneflowers are a daisy flower. Butterflies love daisy flowers.

I see wild pink ones growing on the roadsides in Missouri blooming in June.

The cultivated Cheyenne and Pow Wow varieties come in pink, red, yellow, coral or white. They give you blooming flowers from mid-summer until frost.

They are a tough easy flower to grow. Divide them in the spring or fall.

Many popular flowers are great Butterfly Flowers.


Coreopsis is a bright, cheery flower that is so easy to grow. And they bloom all summer.Coreopsis

Coreopsis have a small golden yellow flower, either single or double. There are some available in bi-colors.

They are drought tolerant and an very easy flower.

There was a coreopsis plant by the tool room door where I used to teach horticulture.

It was always so cheery with it's bright golden yellow flowers in beautiful contrast to its pretty green leaves. It made me smile every morning, all summer long.


Dianthus are fragrantDianthus

Dianthus are a nice little perennial with flower colors from white to hot pinks with single flowers.

A species of dianthus, the Sweet Williams used to grow along our sidewalks at my childhood home.

Sweet Williams have clumps of bi-color flowers on sturdy stems. They have such wonderful fragrance and make a good cut flower.


Gaillardias grow wild on Sanibel Island in Florida. They call them Sanibel Daisies.Gaillardias

Gaillardias are another type of daisy flower.

They are low growing with single bi-color flowers in yellow to mahogany.

I would see them growing wild next to the road on Sanibel Island in Florida and people called them Sanibel daisies.

They are summer blooming.  Native flowers are very easy flowers to grow!


Geraniums are a tough flower that is very popularGeraniums

Geraniums are old-fashioned flowers our grandmothers grew. They are still popular flowers today for good reason.

This perennial will take a light frost, but not a hard freeze. So it is generally treated as an annual.

They grow well both in pots and planted in the ground. They prefer full sun to light shade.

You will find them at your garden store, blooming and ready to plant. The flowers usually are mostly bright reds, pinks and oranges.


Pansies have smiling faces.Pansies

Pansies are a perennial treated as an annual.

They will overwinter in warmer climates. They actually prefer the winter in warmer areas.

Originally pansies were all bi-color with a dark face in the center.

Nowadays you can find them in solid colors.

The most common colors are yellow, purple, lavender and white.


Who doesn't love Petunias? photo by mschiffmPetunias

Petunias are great for hanging baskets or planted in the landscape.

They come from white to all shades of pinks, yellow and light to dark purples.

They bloom all summer long and they will over winter in desert areas.

They are a perennial, but normally they are used as an annual.

They are a fragrant, easy to grow flower.


Rudbeckia is called Black-eyed SusansRudbeckia

Rudbeckia is another bi-color daisy. They are taller than the Gaillardias.

They come in bi-colors and solid yellows, oranges and reds but they always have a dark center.

They bloom late summer to fall.

They are usually called Black-eyed Susans.


Sedum blooms around AugustSedum

Sedum is sometimes called Stonecrop. They are a cold-hardy succulent that is popular in rock gardens. They also grow well in containers.

They vary in size from small leaf ground covers to a couple of feet tall.

Their flowers depending on the exact species may be white, cream, pink or yellow.

They are not fussy about soil or water. They are drought tolerant once established.


Snapdragons were in my grandmother's flower garden. photo by OrnaWSnapdragons

Snapdragons are a perennial that is treated like an annual.

If you live in warmer climates they are used in the cool of the winter.

They come in a variety of beautiful colors, white, yellows, pinks, crimson and other colors.

Snapdragons used to be taller plants that would blow over in the wind. But now the newer varieties are much sturdier.

I remember my brother and I opening and closing their snap-mouths in my grandmother's flower garden.

  • I think I inherited my grandmother's love of flowers.


Veronica blooms all summer if you deadhead it.Veronica

Veronica is also called Speedwell it grows in all areas.

They are a summer blooming flower that grows from 6 to 30 inches depending on the variety.

They like the sun, but they require regular watering.

They come in pinks, white, or blue to purple.

This popular flower keeps blooming al summer if you deadhead the spent flowers.


Yarrow is a popular perennial.Yarrow

Yarrow is an easy flower that blooms throughout the summer and fall. The most common species are from 1 to 3 feet.

Their flowers may be white, yellow or red. Their leaves are finely divided and often grey-green in color.

They grow best in full sun and most any soils, including clay.

  • They are drought tolerant once established.

Deadheading the spent flowers encourages them to bloom throughout the summer.

bulbs, tuber and rhizomes

These are very popular flowers because they faithfully produce flowers year after year.

These are plants that have an enlarged stem or roots. They are long-lived, easy flowers that bloom every year.

They are best planted in the fall, so they have time to get established before they bloom the following spring.

Bulbs enjoy bone meal for fertilizer.


Amaryllis flowers grow from bulbs.Amaryllis

Amaryllis are a popular flower to grow outside in Florida.

Or grow them like my sister in Missouri does, she grows them in a pot and takes the pot to the cellar before hard freezes.

You can buy the bulbs from garden stores that are already potted, then you just grow and bloom them. What could be easier?

The flowers are various reds, pinks, white and bi-colors.


Daffodils live for years and years.Daffodils

Daffodils are famous for their bright yellow cup and saucer flowers.

They also come in white and various combinations of white, yellow and salmon flowers.

Put some bone meal into their planting hole for good flowers.

When the clumps get too crowded, dig them up and divide them in the fall.

They live for years and years! They are the ultimate easy flower.


Daylilies are super easy to grow.Daylilies

Daylilies have tuberous roots. They are mostly various shades of yellow, gold, orange, some reds and peach.

They bloom at various times during the summer, so it is best to have different varieties to stagger their bloom throughout the summer.

When the flowers start to decline, dig them up in the fall, divide the clumps and replant. This popular flower will be good for many years.

I saw a hummer feeding from my red daylilies. I did a Hummingbird Painting.


Peonies have a wonderful fragrance.Peonies

Peonies are grown from tuberous roots. They grow from 2 to 4 feet.

They bloom in the spring in colors ranging from white, cream, pinks to reds.

They like full sun in the northern climates. Cut back in the fall after they freeze back.

Many peonies have a lovely fragrance. They are great cut flowers.


Holland is famous for Tulips.Tulips

Holland's Tulips are the famous Dutch flowers. They have bred them up into many beautiful colors and forms.

Tulips are a popular flower, only if you live in cooler climates.

If you live in warmer climates you will have to dig them up, chill them and replant them after they have been chilled.

  • In warmer climates you would have to plant or replant them every year. Whew!

But, they are supper in the cooler climates.


Iris flowers used to be called 'Flags'.Iris

Grandmother's Iris is a standard spring or early summer flower in most of of the US. They don't grow well in Florida, but I had numerous beautiful ones in California.

If you live where they grow, they are so easy and a very dependable blooming flower.

They like sun and good drainage, but they are not very fussy about soils.

They were a popular flower with our grandmothers because they are so easy to grow and have large beautiful flowers.

  • They literally take care of themselves.

Ice plant

You may see Ice Plant growing on the Pacific Coast.Ice Plant

Ice plant is very stunning when it blooms in the early summer.

If you live by the ocean on the California coast, this popular ground cover will knock your socks off when it blooms.

No matter where you live, these 24 popular flowers will give you flowers for your garden all summer long.

Happy flower growing!

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